With new visitors, you want to make a positive first impression. Once they visit your site, you want them to be interested in your goods or services and become a customer. We’re here to provide you with web design tips to boost sales in 2020. Nevertheless, if your website is not up to scratch, you risk giving your audience a negative first impression since 94% of the first impressions relate to the design of your website.

Not only does the design of your site make the first impression, it has the power to decide whether anyone is a buyer for your company.

Could web design boost sales? Yes! Revamping the architecture of your website will help boost your business’ sales exponentially.


How Web Design Can Boost Sales

When users look at your site, they decide whether your design is credible. And, if your current design is outdated, visitors won’t see you as trustworthy, shying away from your web – which really causes your company to miss sales. Upgrading the design of your website will boost your site’s reputation. A clean , modern website makes visitors feel relaxed browsing or shopping on your pages. They are more likely to buy from your company.

Improving your website’s design will improve its reputation, leading to increased sales for your business.

What current web design trends are on the horizon for 2020—and how can you use them to update your website to draw new sales?


1.  Create an organised and clean navigation

If you ask, “How can web design improve sales? “Time to look at one of web design’s most critical aspects: your navigation. When investing in web design, focus on building easy-to-use, organised navigation.

With organised navigation, people can find their products or services faster and easier, making them more likely to sell to your business. Help visitors find the product or service they need.

You want to ensure that you organise your navigation so that your audience can find relevant information. Use broad categories and organise related subcategories. It helps you create organised navigation so your audience can find information quickly.


2. Prioritised Responsive Design

If you know the importance of web design for sales, you can understand the impact of having a functional site that appeals to your audience. Integrating responsive design is the first step towards increasing sales. Responsive design ensures that your site is adapted to whatever device someone uses. If someone accesses your website on their mobile device, a responsive design ensures that your site is adapted to fit the smaller screen. Users will have the same great experience that they would have if they had access to your desktop site.

You must integrate responsive design into your site, as 37% of consumers are more likely to purchase responsive mobile websites. Good website design that is responsive can help you increase sales for your business.


3. Include a clear call to action on the page.

If you want to increase sales with web design, focus on your calls to action.

When your audience likes the information on your site and wants to take the next step, they ‘re looking for CTAs to guide them. If your CTAs don’t stand out on the page or tell your audience how to proceed, you ‘re going to miss out on sales for your business.

You can increase your web design sales by creating CTAs that pop off your page.

When you have a good website design, your CTAs will stand out on the page and provide a detailed description of what happens when you click the button. So instead of having a CTA that says, “Click here,” you want a descriptive CTA like, “Click here to sign up for a free trial” So, how is web design going to improve sales?

Well, by designing CTAs that engage your audience and are easy to find, you ‘re going to get more people to click on them, which will lead to more sales for your business.


4. Use high quality visuals

If you want to increase sales with web design, focus on the use of high-quality visuals.

Visuals have a critical role to play in keeping your audience engaged on your page.

If you have blocks of text on your page and nothing to break them down, you risk pushing your audience away from engaging with your site.

Walls of text may feel overwhelming, which causes users to rebound from your website. In addition, if your visuals, like product images, aren’t of high quality, your audience won’t be able to see them.

It will also give them a bad impression of your website and may make visitors feel untrustworthy about your website. Good website design includes high-quality visuals that help improve user experience.

You can use your photos , videos, or graphics to add a visual pop to your site. You ‘re going to want to use original visuals — stock photos or graphics may feel impersonal, and there’s a chance that your audience might see them being used on other sites.

Adding visuals to your website will help you keep your leads engaged longer, which will lead to more sales for your company.


5. Speed Up

Did you know that slow-loading sites are responsible for $2.6 billion of lost revenue annually?

If your site doesn’t load quickly, you’ll miss out on your business sales.

But with web design, you can improve your site’s loading time and thus make more sales to your company. To see the current load time of your site, you can enter your URL in Google PageSpeed Insights and see the current load time of your site.

If your site is not up to par, you can take Google’s suggestions and try to improve your site to make it faster. You can also invest in website speed services from a web design company if you don’t have the time or don’t know where to start when it comes to improving the design of your site.