Web Layout | Improve your Web Layout

by | Nov 27, 2019 | Web Design Tips

Web Layout | Improve your Web Layout

Are you looking to Improve your Web Layout? The most popular website builder in the world is WordPress, but it’s not the only one. There’s Wix, Squarespace, plus various other builders out there. We recommend WordPress to any other builder, mainly because, wordpress is used by almost everybody.


Web Layout Ease of Use

Because of wordpress is used by almost everybody, we use wordpress for most of our designs. Though it’s important to note other platforms like WIX do offer features, such as, Wix templates , your stuck with the fact that you can’t easily change features thanks to the rigid platform.

Throughout this article, we will discuss various Web Tips.

Web Tip #1

The Kiss Principle: Keep your Web Design Layout simple. Your website needs to be easy to navigate. If a visitor visits your page and doesn’t find what they are looking for quickly, then they will quickly navigate away to another site.

Web Layout

Web Tip #2

Use Photos wisely: A picture can tell a thousand words. Use a good banner image to quickly get your message accross and get your visitor’s attention.


Web Tip #3

Keep the page to the point: Don’t give the web page visitor too many options to choose from. The web page needs to have focus, give the visitor a maximum of 2-3 choices.

Web Layout Improve

Improve your Flexibility and Versatility

Need to Improve your Web Layout? WordPress can do it all!

Web Tip #4

Website Menu Layout: Keep your Menu Layout clear and Simple. There is nothing more frustrating to a person that having to look for something.

Web Tip #5

Guide your Visitor: Try and take your web visitor on the path that you want them to take. Some websites even have a “Start Here” menu item. This makes is obvious for the visitor which path to navigate on your website. These are the basics of good web design.

One of the reasons for the ever-increasing popularity of WordPress is that its versatility is virtually limitless. Once the core WordPress code has been installed, users can immediately draw from the official WordPress theme and plugin directories. WordPress allows users to easily switch themes as a site’s identity changes and the necessity to add and delete plugins evolves. Although, WordPress users won’t require coding skills in order to set up and run a website, those who do have these development skills will have the ability to fine tune WordPress even more by working with its core code, along with themes and plugin files to fine tune the site’s features and appearance.

Setup and Maintenance Costs

WordPress is very affordable as far as a web platform goes. We recommend to use WordPress for Web Layout, due to the ever increasing ways to Improve your website.

Web Tip #5

Guide your Visitor: Try and take your web visitor on the path that you want them to take. Some websites even have a “Start Here” menu item. This makes is obvious for the visitor which path to navigate on your website. These are the basics of good web design.


Layout for Web
There is also a free starter plan, but its features are quite limited and users will have to allow advertising on their websites. As the need for growth and upscaling is required, higher price plans with more features are available. As Wix is basically a ‘one-stop-shop’ offering its tools in packaged bundles with fixed monthly fees, things like hiring the services of a web developer is not necessary. This aspect is what attracts new users looking for simple and inexpensive methods to set up a website, despite having limited options for specialized and customised functions.

WordPress is essentially free to download and install. In fact you can almost set up and entire website for free with a itself is free to a basic hosting package, free themes and plugins from official WordPress directories. However depending on the needs of the business and the website expectations, the cost of setting up and running and website can vary, if for eg. if domain name needs to be purchased, whether you want access to premium themes and plugins in order to have the right look and functionality required, or alternatively hiring a web developer to work with the site’s code.

Improve your web Layout

Hosting your
own Website

WordPress is a self-hosted platform, which means that you own any website you create in its entirety. It also means that you will get to choose which hosting company you want to use in order to get your website up and running, this also gives you the ability to be able switch between web hosts at will.

Web Tip #6

Use Images to Direct Attention: Having an image of a person, pointing or looking, at the path you want your visitor to take, has a positive affect on your conversion rate. For instance, have a picture of a person looking at the Web Form you would like them to fill out.

eCommerce Support

With the boom of eCommerce – almost anybody can start an online store using WordPress. WordPress offers a variety of eCommerce templates for building your website, however in order to get full eCommerce functionality, including payment gateways like PayPal, authority and other vital eCommerce tools, you will need to purchase the eCommerce web hosting package at a higher monthly price as opposed to the standard fees.



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