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Website Design

We believe in creating beautiful eye-catching websites that are designed with SEO in mind. When we create our websites we will keep SEO in mind right from the beginning. Doing these helps your chances of getting your website rank on Google. Often when clients come to us for SEO, there is a lot of work that needs to be done because there are a lot of things to fix on the current website. So why not start your website on the right foot and choose Digital Nomads for your website design requirements.

Need images for your website?

If you need images for your website, do not worry. We have an extensive database of images for you to choose from because we have a subscription to one of the largest image databases in the world. You can easily choose the look and feel for your website from this database of images. Sometimes we will use personalize photos on websites and sometimes we will use images from the image database. We also have access to a database of videos if you need.

Responsive website design

Unless you are in the web design industry you probably do not know what a responsive website design means or what a responsive website is. A responsive website is a website that easily adapts to all viewing platform whether it is from a browser on a desktop PC or a tablet or a phone.

It’s also a website that easily responds to the different browsing platform whether its Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer. It’s very important to have a website that looks good on all viewing platforms because the majority of visitors to your website will come from mobile phones especially in the future. When we design our websites we test everything. We make sure to test that it looks good on mobile phones as well as desktops.

Have you tested your form lately?

I’ve seen a number of times where a client’s website form stops working. If you have a form on your website, you need to make sure that you test that form at regular intervals. Sometimes in some cases, I do not even like using forms. I prefer to have an email address or a phone number that’s visible on every single page so that it’s easy for clients to contact you.

I have learned this the hard way because I’ve had a website for a number of years and I’m pretty sure that the form did not work for a number of years. And once a fixed my form I started to get enquiries through that form. So those are a lot of wasted years of enquiries because I did not test my form. So if you’ll going to have a form, make sure to test it regularly or possibly make a decision not to have a form but to get clients to email you directly by putting your email address there.

Website Layout

Different people have different ideas on how a website should look. For this reason, we always ask our clients to give us three examples of websites they like. Not because we want to copy them just because they give us a very good idea of what you the clients want. We also ask clients for an indication of what Menu layouts they like. So the Menus work in different ways and they look different. We believe that it’s very important for a website visitor to easily navigate your site and easily find the information that they are after. To me, this is the most important thing, to make it easy for your visitors to navigate your site.

Each website page has a purpose

It’s important for every one of your website pages to have a purpose in mind. Whether it is to convert the visitor into a client on the spot or to gather an email address or to lead the website visitor to another product of yours. When you start the wording on your web page, make sure that you start it with the end in mind. I like to take a step back when designing my web page and I tried to think about what the client has searched in order to find your web page, what question have they typed into Google to find you.

Then I like to put myself in the visitor’s shoes and think what questions do I want answered when I visit that web page. Then as the website page creator, I like to try and answer those questions as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible and as clearly as possible on the page. To do this you can use big bold headings down the body of the page which helps your visitors easily get the answers to their question. Insane that I hope I have answered all your questions so far.

If you need a company that is experienced in website design then use Digital Nomads for your website needs. Drop us a line to have a chat we are available, you can send us an email or we can chat through Skype or we can give you a phone call, just send us an email and will be in touch.