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Are you based on the Sunshine Coast and need Web Design for your Business?

Digital Nomads HQ is a trusted name in web design. We strive to stay ahead of trends and technology advancements. Our aim is for continuous improvement and continually study the best practices in Web Design. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest design concepts, and are always improving our team’s web design skills. We consistently create responsive and innovative web and mobile web designs that provide seamless user experience. We tailor our web designs to work across various device sizes.

Our SUCCESS is determined by your SUCCESS. We are not just creating a web design that looks great, the web design also needs to be functional and tailored for Google’s SEO algorithm.


Web design Sunshine Coast

It is more than just pretty images on a screen.

We don’t believe in being ‘just another’ web design company. We view your website as a natural extension of your company brand’s ‘story’, it is therefore important to use your web design to set the tone for your online web presence.

‘Responsive’ Web Design is a necessity nowadays with the majority of visitors to your website being from mobile users. Your online web presence is fruitless if it doesn’t produce a positive visiting experience for its user. Responsive web design allows your web layout to adapt to both larg and small screens.

Mobile friendly web design is a vital consideration that often gets overlooked during creation or during an existing web design refresh. Responsive web design has a huge impact on the overall performance of your website.

Web Design Sunshine Coast

Our Approach to Web Design

We take into consideration all of your online platforms when creating your website. The design of your website needs to match your company brand, as well as existing online social platforms.

We also take into consideration the needs of your visitors, as well as what will move the money needle for your business.

SEO and Web Design go hand in hand. What is the point of having a beautiful website without ranking on the first page of Google. If you want your website to rank on the first page of Google like this one, then contact us. We also offer SEO services.




When working on your web marketing strategy, it’s important to know who your target market is so that you can create the appropriate content to attract that target market.



When creating your content, make sure that you create content that is targeted to your visitors. Your content needs to answer their questions as well as display your products or services effectively.



Every page that is created needs to have a suitable call to action. You want to make sure that your visitor has multiple ways to engage with your company or services.




It’s important to constantly monitor the effectiveness of your website. You need to track how many visitors you get to your website and make changes whenever necessary.


Web Design Sunshine Coast

Revamp Your Web Design?

Do you need a Web Design refresh? Although refreshing your existing website may sound like a big job, a well-implemented ‘refresh’ can bring about drastic changes and improve conversion rates.

You may think that your website is working and performing, but, did you know that refreshing your existing website can enhance and improve important aspects of your website? Increased functionality will enhance the user experience, reaching your online digital marketing goals. You can improve your brand’s image all in one revamp.

Website refresh is ESSENTIAL. It’s not just about keeping up with design trends; refreshing your website arises out of a need to keep up with an ever- evolving industry, technology, and customer demands. In order for your business to expand, your website should bring out the best in your brand’s marketing potential.




With us and our web design process, you get to sit down with your web designer, one on one, and discuss all the aspects of your new and creative web design. During this process, we will go through the menu layout as well as the astetic appeal of your website.

We will run you through a website brief to make sure that we make the website look and feel exactly how you want. This is a very important part of the design and process. And we believe that communication with your web designer is essential.



Once you have nail the web design brief, our web designer will then go away and create a mock up of your new website. This mock up will include the logo placement as well as the menu and image placement on the website.

In some cases we may just put image placeholders once the customer will go away and source images from our image repository. And note on choosing images for your website, it’s very important to choose images that are personal to your brand. Try to stay away from stock images wherever possible as this comes across as being inauthentic.



Our SEO specialist will give you a brief on what is required as far as content creation for your website goes. We do offer content creation services for our client. However, in most cases clients choose to create there own content. Once we receive the content from you, we will check over the grammar and layout of your content and implement into your new web design.



This is the most important step of the web design process and we take testing your website very seriously. When testing your website, our team will go through every aspect of your website and ensure that there forms are working, that the phone numbers are correct, and that there are no broken links on your website. Once we are happy with the testing of your website, we will also get you to test. Once testing is approved, we will then launch your website and go live.



Once your website has gone live, it is sometimes useful to promote your new website on your social media platforms. We also make sure that we have ask google to index your website and index all the content. Google will go through all the content on your pages and index your page according to the keywords and content you provided. Often clients will go through a SEO plan at this stage to create solid backlinks structures or they will engage us in Google Ad marketing services.



At the beginning of your project, you will sit down with our inhouse web designer to discuss your brief. Our web designer will go through all the graphical elements of your design as well as the menu system. Our web designer will guide you through the entire process.


Our graphic designer will then take your project brief and create a mock up of your new website. We will check with you to make sure that you are happy with the mock up and if not we will create a modified version of that mock up or an entirely new mock up.


Our web designer will take the mock up provided by the graphic designer and begin working on your website. We will create the menu structure and layout of the entire website of this stage and process.


Our team will test your website thoroughly. We will go through each and every form to make sure all forms are working. We will also make sure all email addresses, phone numbers, and contact information is correct. We will also test the website for broken links.


It’s launch day for your website and it’s a very exciting day for our clients. We will make your site go live and we encourage our clients to promote there website on the social media platforms or possibly send out a news letter. We also encourage clients to either run Google Ads or engage us for SEO services. It’s important to make sure that your website gets notice and found and if it is not on the first page on the google, it will not get notice at all.

What We Do

Web Design Services

We create unique and custom-designed websites with excellent aesthetic appeal. Your website will be highly functional and will provide a user-friendly experience.

As experts in creating SEO optimised web designs for high visibility, your website will attract new digital marketing revenue.

Web Design & Email

We offer multi-platform web hosting and email solutions to ensure minimal downtime and a successful web presence.

Our Web hosting is backed up daily, providing you peace of mind.

Web Design &

We build websites that perform. Our developers work on cutting-edge web designs, we customise interactive development for every client’s requirements.

Web Design

We have in house skills to build your e-commerce website and will help expand your business online.


Web Design

We customise your website the way you want. We can also take your existing website and make it look more modern.

Web Graphics & Logo

Need a new logo for your website?
We bring ideas to life with perfectly executed creative designs. Much more than just pixel pushing – this is where we ensure your site looks gorgeous and functions without a hitch.

What People Are Saying

I can highly recommend the services of Chris and the rest of the team at Digital Nomads HQ.

Chris and his team rescued my business by diagnosing a serious fault we had in our system that had gone unrecognised by multiple other technicians.

Since then they have provided us with exemplary service and helped us create a great website! He is punctual and honest – I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Dr Mark Fulton

Owner , Pulse Holistic Medical Centre

I contacted Digital Nomads looking for a fresh approach to our advertising and marketing, Chris and Jodi were great to deal with - they gave me time to discuss my needs with them, and put together some suggestions for how to move forward. We put together a package that has been working well - one of our entities is now ranked no:1 in SEO for it's core business!

It's really important to deal with people that care about the prosperity and success of your business - Digital Nomads were careful to make sure that what they were doing was going to actually make a difference to us.

Shanti Herbert

Practice Manager, Suncoast Christian Health Centre

Without Digital Nomads assisting with my digital marketing and website management I would have been lost. Since utilising their knowledge my business has started to pickup and is continuing to grow exponentially.

Greg “Ledge” Edie

Owner , Ledgies Custom Fishing Rods

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