What Is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram shopping is an integral part of the ecommerce industry. Not using Instagram to advertise the goods will be like a hairdresser deciding that scissors aren’t that useful.

Especially when you realize that more than 500 million Instagram users use the platform every day, and 50 per cent of them do at least one business.

Plus, Instagram is deeply focusing on getting further into ecommerce. Whether it’s the constant updates to the Instagram Shop or the introduction of a checkout button, it’s clear that e-commerce stores need to keep up to date with all of the latest features that Instagram is coming out with regularly.

But what exactly is Instagram Shopping and how is it going to help you develop your business?

Instagram Shopping is a series of features across Instagram that make it easier for users to shop for your products by looking at images and videos no matter where they’re in the app. The Instagram Shop helps you to combine your product catalog with your Instagram profile. This helps you to advertise your goods directly to Instagram users through videos, Stories, the Explore tab, and a special Shop tab on your profile. Shopping on Instagram is a new Instagram tool that allows brands and stores to tag their goods to their posts. Tagging a product is as simple as marking other people.

Shopping on Instagram allows companies to select images that they would like to advertise and tag up to five items per mage or 20 items per carousel. This form of publication provides access to the product and its price information. It also displays a link that takes users to the website where they can purchase the product.


Instagram Shopping

Requirements for access to Instagram Shopping

Brands or stores wishing to use this feature must comply with the following requirements:

  • Have a business Instagram profile
  • Have a Facebook Page
  • To have produced at least nine shopping publications
  • To have the latest version of the Instagram App
  • To sell physical goods on their official website
  • Your Instagram business profile must be linked to a Facebook catalogue.


3 Advantages of Setting up an Instagram Shop:


1. Making shopping easier for your customers

The online world can be busy and noisy, so standing out among rivals can sometimes be a tough challenge. With so many companies competing for publicity, it can be incredibly difficult to get consumers to leave what they’re doing on social media to visit your shop. Instagram Shopping helps you to take your store straight to the customer, rather than bring it to your website. The Instagram Shop eliminates friction from the shopping process by making it easier for shoppers to search your catalog, review rates, or learn more about a specific product. When ready to order, you can visit the product page on your website with just one tap.

Instagram’s latest checkout feature further improves your shopping experience.

Shoppers can tap it to choose from a range of products, sizes and colors, and then continue with payment — without leaving Instagram.

2. Promote products to customers directly

Instagram has always been a great place to communicate with your target audience and deepen customer relationships.

However, Instagram made it impossible for businesses to sell online by forcing them to have only one measly connection on their profile. Even, you can’t add clickable links to Instagram post descriptions to this day.

For example, if you feature a product in a post, your call-to -action will have to direct viewers to a connection in your bio – which raises friction and dramatically affects your conversion rate.

Of course, you can update any time you share a new article, but what about all your previous posts? That’s where Instagram Shopping is extremely advantageous.

The Instagram Shop lets you seamlessly incorporate all of your Instagram content into your store.

3. Target High Intention Customers

By increasing Instagram interaction through practices such as improving your hashtags, you can get your items to appear on the Shopping Explore page.

You will also expose your goods to your target market, since these shopping centers are tailored and focused on the desires of customers and past dedication.

This is highly beneficial as users who view the Shopping Explore tab appear to have a strong purchase intention. For example, these users may be browsing images of kittens, but instead they’re actively browsing Instagram Shop articles.

This is a chance to draw their attention when they’re in buying mode.


Instagram Shopping is one of the most powerful tools for any ecommerce business. If you’re looking to get started with Instagram Shopping, get in touch with us and we’ll help you set up a professional Instagram Shop with a winning social media marketing strategy.